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August 30, 2012


Ros Crawford

Beautiful creations and gifts .. Happy Birthday Melissa ... may you continue with good health and happiness ....

Anastasia Tsygankova

What a great idea! Ladies, you all are just fabulous! All the best wishes to Melissa!!!! Have a great day!!!

Amy Prior

What a beautiful post for a beautiful lady, happy birthday Melissa and thank you for constantly being an amazing inspiration for me and millions of others. I hope and wish for many more healthy years ahead xx




Who would have thought we'd come this far?

Peggy Lee

WOW What a way to celebrate this amazing day Melissa you are so loved and blessed...Beautiful artword I must go back and lookies again.
Melissa I am blessed to have met you in Manchester, NH at CKC a couple of years ago. You are a treasure!
Happy Birthday and many more...

Peggy Lee Baker
Whitefield, NH


HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Melissa, my most favourite manufacturer, an artist, a poet and a beautiful lady! Happy birthday to you!


happiest of birthdays to you Melissa!
thank you for sharing your fabulous gifts.

jan m

Happy Birthday Melissa! Another year to celebrate! Best wishes for good health and joy!

Amy M.

Happy Birthday Melissa!! Hope all your wishes come true!

Phyllis M.

Happy Birthday Melissa! Many blessings to you. Enjoy your special day.


Have a very happy Birthday Melissa and a fabulous year!! :D


Happy birthday to you! We are singing for you! Let God bless you! Best regards from Russia!!!


Happy Birthday Melissa! I wish you health and happiness, I admire the fortitude, beauty and creativity!

Darla Weber

Happy Birthday Melissa! Best wishes for happy and healthy year!

Miriam Prantner

Happy Birthday Melissa! Hope that you have a wonderful day - I'm quite sure that this blog post full of beautiful projects and love had you full to bursting. Thanks so much for the chance to win some great goodies!

Bobbie Duran

Wishing you a beautiful day. Happy Birthday Melissa!

Scossie Jane

Many Birthday Wishes from Scotland. Welcome to a very special club - the Nifty Fifty Girls. My Mum was 49 when we lost her to C. I'm Fifty and treasure each and every day and I know you do too. God Bless You Melissa... Hugs xx

Jerri Klusmeyer

Many wonderful wishes are going your way for a beautiful birthday and many more to come.

Debbie Titus

Happy Birthday. You have inspired many of us in many ways...both health wise and creativity. Thank you.


What a day to celebrate! I wish you the very best. You have some wonderful and creative friends. Welcome to the 50 and over club.

melissa frances

I woke up in bed late today (hubby let me sleep in) and started to look at my facebook on my phone, and was tagged on a photo. It was one of these birthday cards. So came to the blog to check it out. Tears running down my face as I was reading all my birthday wishes. I am truly overwhelmed and so grateful for all my cards and gifts. Your wishes were humbling and extremely touching thank you all so much. Life is GOOD
Carolyn you rock for doing this thanks to a wonderful friend! P.S. found out what my gift was before I openned it lol
Love it!

Mona Pendleton

Happy Birthday Melissa! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating you and hope that Brian spoils you rotten as you so deserve :)

Diane Hover

Oh my Happy Birthday Melissa, and may I say I think you are a very beautiful 50!! I am celebrating a milestone birthday this year, too, and I find the older I get, the less energy I have for some things, which gives me more time to sit and create~create~create...works for me...lol...so have a wonderful birthday, relax, enjoy your day. and I wish you many more!!!! :>)
OH and want to add, I would be 50 every year if I had all these wonderful things your friends made for you...so gorgeous!!!

Janet B

Happy Birthday and I wish you many more. I am going to be 50 in a year or so, and it's more than an age...it's more than being old. I know you get that....it's another chance to live, to spend time with those you love, and to spend time doing what you love!

Annette Abrahamson

i reading this post as i start my day...i'm thinking what an amazing way to wake up!! The love and respect melissa's friends have for her says it all :) happy birthday to a creative & inspiring woman!

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