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July 17, 2012


Diane Hover

LOVING THE entire collection, but would choose Holiday Countdown..I want it now to work with...lol....love the vintage look of this, my favorite style, maybe because I am kind of vintage myself...it reminds me of my childhood....love it!!


I love the vintage look! My favorite is
PA398 - Countdown. Perfect for a Christmas


I love them all, and it's hard to choose just one, but it would be PA400 - All Wrapped Up. Anything that smacks of vintage 1940's makes my heart zing and this whole collection is a heart stopper.

melanie hopes

I love the holiday notes the best!!! But wow it USA hard to pick a favorite. Sorry to the rest of the patterns.

Elaine Lisle

Caroling All the Way is my favorite, I would use it as a background paper. I love Christmas music!

Christine B.

I love all of the papers but my favorite is
PA402-Saluations...so beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Cyndie Martin

OMG those papers are to die for. Love them all. Thank you for the opportunity. Cyndie

Beverly Jordan

That's not fair! I loved the entire collection!! Oh well, I think you had me at the first one, PA397 - Holiday Chevron, because of it going as the backdrop to all the others and can not be missed! Love it, and thanks for the chance!

Carol West

My favorite is PA398 Countdown, but they are all wonderful. What a Beautiful Vintage Collection!

BEth W

Definitely all wrapped up-like so many others memories of childhood Christmases come flooding back.

Susan P

My Favorite would have to be All Wrapped up. It seems to give you a taste of everything. I love them all though! Can't wait to get them!


While I love all six of these beautiful papers, my favorite is the Holiday Chevron!


Holiday Notes it's fantastic!!....))

Holly Moore

Oh I love the Holiday Chevron most of all, but they are each WONDERFUL! Thanks for the chance to win.


They are all great! PA-399 is my favorite.

Lindsey A.

Love, love, love this line! My favorite is All Wrapped Up! So cute!

Christy Hoover

Oh so hard to choose! I love the Holiday Countdown--I can easily countdown the ways I will use it. How soon can I see this at my LSS? I'm hoping PaperTales in San Diego would carry it!

Melissa Bove

Oh my heavenly goodness! They are all simply fabulous! I really love the Holiday Notes paper!

Such a wonderful collection! Brings me back to when I was a kid waiting for Santa!!

Laura Ann

I love Countdown the most...but I really love them all!!
Thank you for the chance to win!!


OHHH the holiday chevron is my favorite...they are all wonderful but that red chevron really takes the cake...


Wow!!! Beautiful collection! Holiday Notes is SWEET!!!

Pam Furlong

They're all so cute! I especially like All Wrapped Up...lots of inspiration there!


C'est MAGNIFIQUE !!! J'adore le n° PA 400.

Linda Royalty

I love the look of All Wrapped Up. It remindes me of Christmas as a child. Love the look.


This collection is gorgeous!

My favorite is "All Wrapped Up" as it is so versatile. I will be able to use it for full pages and cut the individual images out for embellishing other projects and making ornaments.

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