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January 13, 2012


Annette A.

absolutely beautiful card. Thanks for sharing..


cute card

Kate S.

Oh my Kristin! This is absolutely gorgeous. I am sure she will be able to feel all the love that you obviously put into it!

Linda Zyla

Kristin's talent and passion for the personal touch is displayed exceptionally well in this care. Love the details!


Love it - so sweet!

Ros Crawford

How very beautiful ... and precious


This card is amazing! Love it!


Love love love this card just amazing talent:) Hope to see more of your work in the future.

Barb Matthews

This is so much more than a card, it is a keepsake for your friend. Years down the road she will look at it and still feel the gift of love you created. Hope to see a lot more of your things in the future.


Such a beautiful card. Is the saying from a rubber stamp?


Your cards/projects are just beautiful and my eye keeps catching another dimension or embellishment that all adds up to a beautiful theme.

Marion Symonds

This is beautiful beyond words. Our daughter-in-law has had lots of gynae problems and we are all praying Anna will birth the baby she is expecting in September. We are trying so hard not to get too excited at the wonder of becoming first time Grands, but my heart is just singing with joy and happiness right now. A card along the lines of yours would be so right for Anna and Edward's baby; would you mind me putting something similar together?

Thank you for a fabulous place to visit... so much beauty and inspiration in one place.


Lisa S.

Kristin is a very generous and talented lady and I'm so proud to see her work here on the Melissa Frances blog. This will definitely be a precious keepsake for her friend.

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