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April 01, 2011


Danielle Flanders

Here is mine: Bird's Nest Cookies! So yummy for Spring. :) I made them yesterday for my girls and they loved them.



Milagros C. Rivera

Good morning I am so happy I saw this, today I will be hosting a cooking exchange/ recipe book in my store. Wow we are in sinchronicity, it is in the local paper today in Puerto Rico. I posted a photo of the newspaper article in my blog as I saw it early this morning and it is all Kitschy Kitchen! I also made a kitchen banner to put in the display area where the food will be today. I would love for you to visit the blog and tell me what you think!


My family loves this soup. Honestly we don't ever order it out because this is so good. Instead of broiling my own tortillas I started buying the flavored kind in the produce section @ the grocery store.


Any Nigel Slater recipe is a good one in my book and this one is no exception. Good, simple and amazingly flavoursome!

Colette x.

laura lee

these all look great!!! a little too good in fact... looks like i'll put off bathing suit shopping for ANOTHER week! :)

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