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September 01, 2010



Thanks for the very important reminder.


Thanks so much for this important reminder!


Amen! I am a 6-year survivor, and the tumor was found from a self-exam, after the mammogram showed nothing........


The first appointment I schedule every year is for a mammogram, then my yearly physical.
Thanks to you for a life saving reminder to all your followers. Love all you do.
Nancy in So Cal


Great message and reminder! And I'm up for my yearly physical too!
Nancy from IL


Thank you for reminder. Will tell my mom today to visit doctor, cause i alrady had.


Thanks for the reminder. Always important in my life as my mom passes away from complications of breast cancer. We are fast approaching Oct, which is breast cancer awareness month.

Leslee in MT

Cathy D

Thanks for the reminder!

kimbo in fort worth

15 years here. Stage 1 nodes. Stage 3 tumor. I was 38 when I found my tumor. I cannot stress enough the importance of monthly self exams and mammography. Do it for yourself, your family, your future.
Kimbo in Ft Worth


Thanks for sharing this with us. It truly is so imperative. All the best!


Thanks for reminding men to check their breasts as well! One of my male friends is breast cancer survivor!

Johanna Westin

A very wise reminder to us all. My father has just survived cancer so any kind of reminding is very good.
Thank you so much.
Big hugs JOhanna

Linda Duke

Thanks for the reminder..

Gini Cagle

Thanks for posting this important reminder!

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