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March 03, 2010


Laura Stewart

how did you first get into this business?


I found out about Melissa Frances when she came out with the Breast Cancer line, which I absolutely love (my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year, so I've made her several items using that line). I'd love it if you continue the line & add more items to it. Would you mind sharing your story regarding Breast Cancer?


I am wondering how it all started? And I am also curious to know if you have another hobby besides your work? Like choir, cooking, gardening, painting? Love MF, but would like to see more of it in stores here:)

Lesley Langdon

I love it all, your products and packaging, the vintage style. One question I do have is...do you plan on creating more boy-ish paper lines? Inquiring minds want to know. :) Thanks!


Love your designs. What are your personal favorite colors to work with?


Hi, I would love to know where you find all of the great inspiration for the patterns in your lines. Also, are the frames and little trinkets something you designed and then had reproduced?


I just discovered you...and I'm intrigued. I plan to lurk here often.

What is your favorite thing to work on? Creating new products? Working on 3D projects? Making scrap pages? What?


I love all your vintage items. I was wondering if you draw the pictures yourself to look old or you take the images from actual vintage items and incorporate them into your designs? I'm a big fan from way back when I used to use your vintage lables, meant for adhering to canisters and such, and using them on my scrapbook layouts. I adore everything you come out with!!!!


I love your cutesy artwork especially your hush a bye line!! Do you draw all of your stuff? You must be so busy doing art and designing all the new stuff. Do you have help?

mary from maine

I love Melissa Frances products and would love to know where you get your crocheted doilies and would like to know what your craft space looks like. How about a tour.

Holly Moore

I adore your product. What do you do in your free time? You seem so easy and carefree.

Anita Hiltz

I love your products and your designers do such fabulous work with it, too! I am wondering if you have a book out or in the works that showcases these creations with directions so that we can try to create something similar? Is there any Melissa Frances Idea books out there that I don't know about?

Melissa, thank you for all that you do! All your hard work and effort that you put into your company is greatly appreciated.

Linda B.

Did you read victorian romance novels as a young girl/woman (i.e. Barbara Cartland or others), and if so, was there any inspiration drawn from those books?


your products are so beautiful ! =) I wonder if you have time to play with paper and glue and if so, which is your favourite papercraft? scrapbooking, doing altered items or cardmaking ?

Ellie Snells

I love your beautiful products! My question is - what topic do you most enjoy scrapbooking or creating scrapbook supplies for?

Heather Wilson

How did your business begin? In other words, when did you know it was something you wanted to do? And how did it start?
Thanks for your time!

Shari Secreto

Hi Melissa, I would like to know if you will be coming back to Northern California to do any more shows here? I met you in Pleasnton on March 19. Our group left the show and went for lunch. We got caught in 2 hour bay area traffic and it was 6:10 when we finally returned and the show was closed. I could not come on Saturday and was heartsick that I missed talking with you again. I gave you my business card and address for your catalog. I am your biggest admirer of your papers and accessories and it was a real honor to meet you in person. I have been making and selling greeting cards since 1997 and your style of vintage papers and accessories are what I have been looking for, but unabel to find untill now. I have been aging my papers and accessories for so long, but now I can purchase them directly from you. I signed up to sell your products retail and can't wait to let my customers see all the new items in your line.
I hope you will come back, in person, for more shows in Northern Calif. and again - it was truelly and honor to meet you. I really missed taking your make-and-take class, one on one. Hope to see you again -
Shari Secreto
Shari's Creations

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