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March 03, 2010


Debbie Peysen

I live in Texas and your products are so hard to find. I shop on the internet but your favorite products sell out so fast. Have you ever thought of putting on your blog when new lines will be out?

I love all you do.

debbie p

jan metcalf

I too would ask you to consider a fabric line! I think that is where card crafting is headed...and your designs would be fabulous! How do you decide what to take on?

juli chau

Who or what is your inspiration?
Where do you find all these ideas from?
Do they come naturally or is it something you've thought of or seen before and made better?


Erika M

Why are your products so difficult to find? Do you cater to mostly speciality stores? What is your favorite product to see in your crafty adventures?

Rebecca Ednie

I'd love to know if she has any background in business or fine arts?


Hi Melissa,
What is your favourite colour combination?
Do you love antique shopping and flea markets?


michelle hileman

Melissa, I love all your products and I was so Blessed to be able to take a class from you at the CK convention in Philly. last july. Will you be holding classes again this year? Please say yes!!!!! :)

Shawn Wenrich

I completely adore your work! Can you share with us what exactly you luv most about this industry? I would also like to add my vote to online shopping with all MF products available and a monthly kit. Keep up the great work, you are very appreciated.

Kathy W

Another big fan here...I love all of your products. I am wondering how you manage such a busy schedule...designing, marketing, traveling. I second someone's idea/question of the possibility of an online store for all MF products.

candy bello

Which magazines, books, blogs or websites do you look at for inspiration?

:) Thanks!

Denise Bryant

How do you keep ahead of the trends? Love your products and always look forward to seeing the new things!

jen shears

I love all of your products- they are so fabulous! I too would love to see how you organize! :)

tammy graves

Hi Melissa...I have loved everything Melissa Frances for as long as I have known about it. I must echo a few of the requests above...would love a fabric line of your beautiful and inspiring prints and an on-line store with just your products. Does your inspiration come from your surroundings or what's in your heart/head? Whenever I see projects made with your products, it takes my breath away! Thank you for such beautiful things to work with!!!



i want to know where i can find your whole collection in France, and if you will create kits and where i can find it ?
thank you very much and i love your paper

Beth W

What's your favorite escape when you need to get away from it all and relax?


Your products are so beautiful, there' nothing I don't like.
Your design team are so talented and amazing, where do you find them?


I love your color pallets...I'm a girly girl and I have a daughter so that makes it easy for me. I live in PA, but have to travel to MD to shop for supplies. Can we order your products online since they are not really available everywhere?

Carol Scovel

I know you're engaged....just wondering when you'll tie the ol' knot? He's a lucky man to have found you! I've had the pleasure of talking to you several times at workshops and the Orange County Scrapbook expo (the one who wanted the mica flakes!!) and your life story is amazing! Thanks for all the wonderful products....you are my favorite...wish more stores on the West Coast carried your products!

Michelle P

Here's my question: Is your home so sweet and vintage like your products? Can you share pictures?

Brittney Aldous

What do you do when you get "scrappers block"?

Gail S.

Love Melissa Frances!! My question is how did you get started creating so many wonderful products? I love everything Melissa Frances.


I would like to ask if it is possible to have more online store carry your awesome wonderful products. Can I ask too if you have plans to expand your team and we would like to see new faces.


are you a fan of the Victorian era, and if so, how did you become one? Everything of yours is pure Romance - a vision of heaven!


Hello! I am wondering what is Melissa's motivation/inspiration for all of the beautiful things that she designs. Each one is so lovely and feminine, I love it all! Thanks!


How do you organize your crafting space? I need to purge (eekk!) and re-organize my space but not sure where to start! Would love to see a picture of your space!


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