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December 14, 2009



Yay Melissa!!!! It's been one year for me as of October. I do my last treatment next week, then I'm done. My hair finally has grown back! Will you be at CHA in Anaheim? I'm planning on going up with Michelle. Talk to you soon!

Ps.....phew on those rumors. I personally never heard any of them. But if I did, I would have been crying the blues!


So glad to hear that Melissa! Your lines are always fabulous, and I look forward to seeing more. Also wonderful to hear that you are healthy, what a blessing! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


That is awesome news!! So happy for you!! Take care and have a SWEET day!! God is Good!!

Maria Moore

So glad to hear that you are cancer free. What great news at this time of year. I did not hear the rumor, thank goodness, but I am glad it is not true. I just love the whole line of products.

Happy Holidays to you!


ALL very very good news!!!!

Kay McNeill

good news all around! Yeah!


I'm so glad for you! Thanks for the assurance, I love your products to bits! Just wish my LSS will bring in the chipboard houses and stamps! God loves you so much!! Praise the lord! :)


I had not heard that nasty rumor, Melissa, but am glad to hear you say that things are going well!!! :) I love your products, your spirit and that advice about the melons! lol many hugs,
Elaine :)

Alison Gibbs

Yay - cancer free!! That is fabulous.
Just ignore the Rumour Patrol


So so happy to hear this news on both counts!

Jodi  (jodinjaz)

I have not heard this horrible rumor and I am very glad it is not true!!! I don't know what I would do without my favorite products!!! Also SO GLAD to hear the good news from the doctor!!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!


So happy to hear you are cancer free! and that your business is doing well. I had not heard that rumor but of course, I do not get out much!

Amy Daigle

I had heard the rumor, and I am SO glad it is false!! And awesome that you are cancer free!! Love good news at Christmas for a change! Have a Merry one, and a Happy New Year!

Elaine Allen

Melissa -

Great news all around. Thank God that you continue to be Cancer Free, wonderful news. And I hate when rumors start like the one about your business. Besides - we love your products too much to let you go away - LOL! Happy Holidays Melissa.

Elaine Allen

Victoria Resh

Great news!!!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year...continue bringing those wonderful products and projects...

Karen W

Wow that is wonderful news on all accts. I hope your health stays that way and I'm so glad you are not going out of business, I had not heard those rumors. I just found you at the convention in St. Charles IL and I hope you will be there this year as well.


Good to hear you are Cancer free! Yipee! AND that you aren't bankrupt--hope to be able to stop by at CHA! :)

Cindy Holshouser

What a terrible rumor. Your products are among my most favorite! Congratulations on continued good health. So wonderful!


Glad to hear that you are still in business, that you had a great year and especially that you are healthy. Blessings to you.

Nancy L.

Glad to hear you are Cancer Free!!!
Merry Christmas to all!


Great news in all aspects! Happy Holidays!


First of all...Cancer Free!! What a wonderful phrase. May you continue to be blessed with that for the rest of your life.
I had not heard any rumors about your company but I'm certainly happy to hear that business is fine. Melissa Francis is one of my favorites and I do hope you continue with good business blessings in the future.
Happy Holidays!

Kathy W

Wonderful news regarding your health. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us at Winter CHA2010. I love, love, love your products. They always make me happy. Have a wonderful holiday!

Barbara Benge

This has nothing to do with the rumor however at the Seattle convention I had the chance to meet Mellissa. She is absolutely adorable! She is as beautiful and sweet as her lines are. She is definately the type of woman that you would want to sit and have a cup of coffee and scrap with!!

rhonda nickol


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