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November 18, 2009



I'm thankful for my sweet family, they put a smile on my face daily.


There are many things to be thankful for! A great family, a supportive husband, a really cute kid and a job for the both of us in such bad times!


Today I am feeling especially thankful for a good book. I just love that feeling I get after reading a good book!


I'm so thankful for my parents this year. With my husband gone for a year to Korea, they are really my rock. I love them to pieces.


I am thankful for so many things, but today, I lost a dear friend. She died of complications due to the H1N1 virus, she was too young, and a mom of 4. So today as I reflect on my 11yr friendship with her, I am thankful that I was blessed to have her as a friend, and I am thankful for all my dear friends, and how important they are in my life.


I am Thankful for my family and my friends. Both are my circle of life.

Tammie West

I am thankful for noisy laughter throughout my house and for a hamper overflowing with dirty laundry because that means that I am surrounded by those I love. I am thankful for a busy week filled with work, because that means that I have a job; I am thankful for a craft room filled with my treasures...those already made and those just waiting for the next time I can steal a moment away from it all! I am THANKFUL!

Elaine Allen

How generous of her. I'm thankful that my husband and I still have our jobs in this uncertain times. That we have our health, that our son has finally found a job after being laid off. I'm also very thankful that I still have my 102 year old grandmother with us and that she knows who family members are. That we can enjoy another Thanksgiving with her.

Elaine Allen

Lisa  Dolson

So many things to be thankful for....my wonderful husband and beautiful children, my sisters, the sunshine, joy and smiles!!

Mary F.

Today and always I am thankful for my family, far and near, who I always look forward to spending time with.


I am thankful for my wonderful friends, family, and husband. If it wasn't for all of them I'd be living a very sad and unhappy life. They make my world worth each and every day!

Melanie D.

Hi and thanks for the awesome chance at such a generous giveaway. I'm thankful that we live in a Christian nation, that we still have freedom...for my family, our home, our jobs and our health. And for simple things like my dog sitting next to my while I type. :)

Julie Ranae

I am so thankful for 3 lovely grandsons who bring me joy everyday. I love knowing that any one of them has the ability to grow up and do great things which might be a missionary, a farmer, a doctor or even president.
Thank you for the opportunity to share my thankfulness with you.


I am most thankful for family and friends, thankful that my family is able to prosper during this tough economy ... just thankful to be alive.


I amthankful for the health of me and my family, and to have a hobby that makes me happy.

Jonna Deckard

I am thankful for my family and friends and all the blessings that God has given me.

Jessie Gray

My precious children and the rest of my loved ones :)


Wow, I am so thankful that I get to be a teacher and provide a positive influence to children who need it the most.

Jessie Lathroum

I am so thankful to be a part of mine and my husbands family. Both are very loving, caring people and I couldn't be more blessed.


At this time I am most grateful for my father-in-laws help and that we didn't lose our home this year. Also, thankful for connecting with old school friends on facebook and for their prayers. Especially thankful that God is my life, hears my prayers and forgives me. And that I finally got a job, even though it's a seasonal job with an expiration as they put it, I have alot to be thankful for. Thank you!!


I'm thankful for God's grace and my wonderful husband!


I am thankful for the connections I have made through scrapbooking. I have made some life long friendships and many of these friendships hold a special place in my heart. They are not just there for the fun and for what we have in common but when I need a shoulder to cry on, someone to pray with, a ear to listen...they are there and I am thankful!


I am so very thankful for my family...who fills my heart, my friends...who give me strengh and bring me joy, my creative outlet (stamping/scrapping/crafting)...that gives me the opportunity to teach and learn and grow, and for a life that intertwines all of these and brings me love and comfort and happiness.

Kris Pare

I am thankful for my health, family, and my beautiful little girl. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.


I am thankful for my husband. We have embarked on a journey together, 3 months after we got married and he has been my rock, my stick - the glue that holds me together, put a smile on my face and say thanks about a thousand times per day for having him in my life. We are already 2 years into our journey and it's been wonderful.

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