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October 05, 2008


Cheri Freeman

Love the inspiration and support here!!! I greatly admire the strength and courage in those who are affected by this disease. God bless all of you! Thanks for the chance to win some of Melissa's yummy goodies!


My bestfriends sister just went in last week to get a lump removed. This has made it more real to me than ever. I think this is the year I will start my annual exams.

Mellissa Frances is awesome for doing what she does after all she's been through! She's amazing!

And the Thankful line is gorgeous!
Thanks so much for a chance at winning it!


Melissa is such an inspiration. I'm so glad she has come through this so well.

I would love to win a kit since I haven't had a chance to play with any of her products.

Dana Klinkner

Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing your story with all of us. You are an inspiration!

lori peuterbaugh

what a great thing to be donating funds to breast cancer research. and what a wonderful thing to know that melissa is a survivor and can be added to the ranks of successful cancer stories.

i have a dear friend battling stage 3 breast cancer. we live about 5 hours apart so we keep in touch through the internet and packages sent back and forth via her mother. i will have to get this paper line to make her some 'prizes' as she so looks forward to goodies.

thanks melissa for sharing your courageous battle and victory!!!

Jenn Ryan

Breast cancer has hit me close to home recently - a good friend who is my age - mid-30s - is a Survivor. Thanks to Melissa for sharing her story and increasing awareness.

Tara Piper

Stay strong Melissa!


thank you melissa for what you are doing in the fight against breast cancer and awareness...you are an amazing inspiration!

kristan martin

I love to see people spreading the word about breast cancer, whether you know someone or not whose life it has affected, breast cancer is personal to all women.


What a strong woman Melissa is! Thanks for supporting the fight against breast cancer!

Robyn Longhurst

Thanks for the inspiration.
Robyn in Idaho


Melissa, your strength is amazing. You are an inspiration to those dealing with breast cancer and even for those not. May you be blessed with happy, healthy, healing days.


Melissa I am so inspired by your courage and grace, I think it is awesome that you share your story with all of us. My sister is a breast cancer survivor, and my Aunt is currently struggling to beat breast cancer. This disease has touched so many of us - it is awesome to see such support.

karen barker

I work in a local hospice in the uk and i would like to say how lovely it is to see someone, with such courage to share there experience to others. Although i work with those who are going through the last days of there lives, some choose to do memories books for there families. This would be so cool to have a line of scrapbooking papers centering on curage and bravery thet you have gone through. Something good comes out of something so horrible You are an inspiration.

Beatriz Jennings

Hi Melissa,I admire your grace and courage, and I am big fan of your products ;)

Beatriz Jennings

Kim in MN

I know far too many people that are breast cancer survivors- God Bless You for helping spread awareness, and for being a survivor!

terrie bailey

`Mellissa` you are an Inspiration` :)~X~


My sis is a survivor and this weekend we held a Scrap Pink weekend event at a local hotel and raised $750! for the cause....so excited about that!!!!

I love the thankful line...thanks for all you do to raise awareness.


Melissa!!! te admiro mucho, no solo por tus lindos trabajos si no tambien por tu valentia con la cual enfrentaste esta grave enfermedad!!! para mi eres una persona para ser admirada !!! I AM YOUR FAN NUMBER ONE!!!

I`m going to participate in de scrappink forum here in Spain !!!

(from spain)

Melissa Bove

Thank you Melissa for everything you are doing to fight this horrible disease. My mom is a survivor! And I appreciate everything you are doing! It is so wonderful that are a survivor too! God bless and keep up the fantastic work!! Hugs...Melissa


I'm so glad that you are honoring cancer survivors. My MIL survived lung cancer and I'm so glad. She never smoked and we all feel she didn't deserve such a horrible diseas, but God pulled her through it and we are all thankful in sorrow and in joy for His mercy on her life.


This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart -- my sister is a survivor. We had a chance to meet Melissa at CHA and share encouragement. Such an honor and pleasure!


thank you Melissa for all that you do, you ar an amazing women, I lost my father to cancer a few years ago and it still hurts so much, but I find peace in knowing that he is with the GOOD LORD......by the way....i love love love love your papers and embellishments....hugs


I am so happy to hear that you are a Cancer Survivor!! I am also very happy to hear that you are doing this for such a great cause hopefully one day they will find a cure!!


It was an honour and pleasure for my mother and I to meet you last week at Angela's Crafts in Dundas. The evening was remarkable! Your story of your struggle with breast cancer is truely insprirational. As my mother mentioned she is a lung cancer survivor and like you she is a woman of great courage and determination. Thank you for all that you are doing to support breast cancer research.

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