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October 05, 2008


Erika M

I'm so glad that Melissa is a breast cancer survivor and is giving to such a worthy cause. My grandmother had breast cancer which was successfully treated. We all should be aware of how lucky we all are.

Taylor S

Thank you, Melissa, for what you are doing to increase breast cancer awareness! Hopefully, someday soon, our efforts will lead us to the cure!


thank you for doing this and bringing the information out there. i am a survivor too.


What a great day for this - my daughter and I just came from doing the Run for the Cure today to benefit Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. I would love one of these kits!! Such a fabulous cause - thanks for bringing attention to it!!


Thanks for sharing your story with us. My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor and my niece is one as well.

Cheryl Ryan

My aunt is a two time brest cancer survivor!!! I hat is off to her!!!


My grandmother suffered breast cancer, and sadly it beat her. Makes me more determined to help fight this battle.


My grandmother died of cancer, not breast cancer, but cancer non the less. Melissa I am so happy you are a survivor!!


My great-aunt had breast cancer which was caught early enough to get it all. But, one of my dearest friends has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and can't be operated on due to being very ill with Lupus and a serious lung disease. She is such an inspiration to me because of her persevering faith in Christ and hope in the knowledge that He has a special plan for her life. I just pray for a miracle that the drugs that she can take will kill all the cancer cells. In spite of all her pain and suffering, and completely confined to her bed, Marilyn still wants to give God all the glory and relies on Him day to day, to show her how to live with her illnesses.


Wow! Have an online friend who's battling this right now and is such a tremendous inspiration with her strong faith. So happy for you Melissa!


THank you helping to bring more attention to this....my mom and grandmother are both survivors!! Thanks for sharing your story with us!!


I have watched, through this blog, Melissa's journey with this disease. She is a true inspiration of strength and courage. My Mother and Aunt have both had lumps, biopsies, and both have been benign and for that we are grateful. Thank you for the inspiring layouts and updates.


Thanks for focusing on this cause this month! My mom, grandmother and three good friends are all survivors! The cure is out there, we just need to find it!


I am so happy that Melissa is a survivor and giving back to such a worthy cause! Breast cancer has touched the lives of some women very dear to me and I admire them for the battles they must fight.


Melissa is such an inspiration! What courage she has!!! Thanks!

J. Harmon

Melissa is so corageous to share her story. My mother and an aunt are breast cancer survivors too. Thank you for raising awareness and contributing to find a cure!

greetje  van raalten

Thanks for sharing your story with us.
I am so happy that Melissa is a survivor and giving back to such a worthy cause!

Ann cicilie Flått

Thank you Melissa, I admire your strength!

And thanks for bringing focus to such an important cause!


I admire your grace and courage. I too, am a 2 year Breast Cancer Survivor. Thanks -you for all you do in raising Breast Cancer Awareness!!!

Karen from Ontario

With so many being touched by this disease it is wonderful that we can now hopefully all work together to find a cure. It can't come soon enough. My heart goes out to all those struggling and to those that are survivors.


I am a breast cancer survivor, and I thank you for all you do to raise awareness for early detection. Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your brave story of survival with us!


Melissa is such a strong and wonderful person and I LOVE Melissa Francis goodies...thanks for the chance to win some!!! HUGS to all the survivors out there!!!


Thank you for raising the awareness for early detection. You are such a great example, Thank you!

Lynn Judge

Breast cancer touchs all of us!! Thanks for your support!!


breast cancer touches all of our lives in different ways and it is truly a blessing to have this outlet in order to honor those who are so deserving! keep up the good fight!!

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