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October 15, 2008


Laura Vigliarolo

Those are some really cool bras.

Becca Shogren

I sent an email on Saturday with my submission to the altered bra contest. Just wanted to make sure you got it? :)


Who'd have thought that an altered bra could be so beautiful. Thanks for bringing that fact to our attention, Melissa!

mandy (pearl maple australia)

Sent my entry in and had a great time working on this project. Tomorrow I am off to a MF workshop and can't wait to show everyone there what we have been up to.

Thanks for sponsoring the event.

Tina Mayo

wondering if we can do more than 1, I finished one, and then of course had another idea. Would this be okay? if not I will just send the one I have. Thanks Tina

kelli smith

Thanks for the great inspiration. I totally enjoyed doing and its such a worthy cause


I sent an entry to the Altered Bra Contest but do not see it posted. Pleas let me know if there was a problem with the picture.


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