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September 24, 2008



congratulations bibbi!!! Love your work!


What amazing projects!!!

Kim Howard

Wow! Amazing work! I love them all!

Monica Skadsem

Congratulations - about time you became a part of this designteam *lol*!
I absoulutely love your work, you inspire me alot!!


Gratulerer til både Johanna og Melissa Frances! Gleder meg til å se dine videre kunstverk, bibbi!



welcome and congratulations! your work is so stunning!


Welcome Bibbi! I am so happy to be working with you. I have admired your work for quite some time.


Congrats Johanna, and congrats to Melissa Fraces. Your work is truly amazing:)

Kim Sonksen

It is about time that you have been invited on board - I have been admiring your cards for months and always thought that you *should* be on this team.
Congratulations!!! So very well deserved

Carolyn Peeler

Welcome to Johanna!!
So glad you're a part of our team.


Your cards are just stunning i really love them you are such a talented lady.



Wohoo!! Such a perfect match!! :D Congratulations to both! :D


congrats! i check out your blog daily for loads of inspiration!! you're amazing!

Gail S.

Thanks for sharing - everything was beautiful! Love It!!

Kathy W

Beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing.


Congratulations! It's about time you were picked up to design for them!~ Your work is stunning!


Wow, gorgeous work!!

Laura Vigliarolo

Congrats!!!!! you're stuff is just beautiful, so inspiring.


Wow, I've been watching Bibbi's blog and wondering why she wasn't part of the Melissa Frances team. So happy to see her here now. Congratulations!


I so love Johanna's work. It is stunning. Congratulations, Johanna!!


I have been reading Bibbi's blog (well, except that I can't read Norwegian)for some time and thought she would be perfect for the Melissa Frances team. Her cards are inspirational works of art and her bows are perfect.


Thank God someone has finally "discovered" you, Johanna! I've been a fan of yours since you started the "Bibbi" blog. If anyone wants to read her blog in English, go to Google.com, click on "Language Preferences", click "Norwegian to English" and type in bibbisdillerier in the search box. It will change the language for you, but be warned, whoever does the translations is really awful.


I'm soooo glad that you are finally on this team! If ever a talent should be recognised it's Johanna's!! I am an avid fan and am thrilled that she has been included on this team!! bx


Congrats on being on the team, and you so deserve it!!!
Your work is totally amazing!!! <3

Ineke van den Akker

Congratulations Johanna! I'am glad to see you at the blog of Melissa.

with love,

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