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June 09, 2008


Lori C

Prayers and good thoughts to you during this most difficult time!

emily pitts

wishing you comfort and good things.

Laura Gilhuly

You and your family are in my prayers

Patty W

Melissa definitely has my thoughts and prayers... always!



Melissa, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

kimberlee fiskateer #2494

The light at the end of the tunnel! Yea! No more treatments! Thank you for keeping us posted so we can keep you in our prayers.


You are a woman of great perseverance Melissa! May God be with you on this journey, the bumps along the way and give you great strength! You are in my prayers for complete recovery! Praise God for treatments done!

Ami D.

God Bless you! Praying for a good report!


Melissa, you are very much in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and positive, you are no doubt loved by so many and I am sure the love that you feel from all your friends and family and many fans will sustain you through this!

Kathy W

Melissa, big hugs to you. I can't imagine all you have been through; I am currently (and anxiously awaiting) results from a breast MRI and might need a second biopsy (had the first one last year). By telling your story and sharing your art, you give me strength and help qualm my fears. Hoping these tests for you today come out ok, and congrats on this week being the end of your treatment.


Prayers coming your way --- what a tremendous relief it will be to have your treatments come to an end. My sister is a breast cancer survivor and I remember that day vividly and how it became the beginning of nothing but better days for her. I wish you the same.


You're in our thoughts & prayers, Melissa!


melissa, I admire your courage and strength. You are an inspriation to all!

Lynn Gleason

Melissa - I met you at CKC Buffalo a few weeks ago and sent you a pretty long email and now I know why I haven't heard back from you yet. I had NO idea that you were going through these health issues when I met you. You sure had a great attitude and cheerful disposition and I know that's half the battle (well that's what I hear anyways). My prayers are with you as you continue to be brave and take on this challenge with the attitude of a survivor. Yesterday was a rerun on Oprah featuring a woman, Kris Carr, who wrote a book called Crazy Sexy Cancer tips (along with co-author Sheryl Crow I guess). Have you heard of it? She has cancer of the liver and on the lung and she is such an inspiration because she is just living in the moment and doing what she can nutritionally, spiritually and physically (yoga etc.) to make her time as healthy and happy as possible. Oprah also featured the professor Randy Pausch who, if you haven't heard of him is also an inspiration to listen to. His "last lecture" on You Tube is something everyone should see, in case you haven't. Well enough rambling. I'll keep checking back in on your blog to see how you're doing. God Bless You! xo Lynn Gleason

Debra  B.

I know we can do all things with God by our sides. You are so encouraging to others. You let us know that life is so wonderful and we can go on.


I'm sorry for my delay in posting - just checking in after a few days away.

Congratulations on the end of your treatment! It is an accomplishment, and one that I hope you will celebrate for many, many years to come.

Best of luck on the new biopsies. Please keep us posted on your health. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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