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June 09, 2008



Positive thoughts and prayers are going up for Melissa.


Melissa, I hope everything goes well for you. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Sue x


Prayers and positive thoughts for Melissa's recovery.


From another breast cancer survivor named Melissa, sending you all the prayer, positive thoughts, good vibes and whatever else I can muster for perfectly BENIGN results!!

Anabelle O'Malley

Praying that all is well, Melissa.


Thoughts and prayers are with you as you get over this little speed bump.
And the biggest congratulations on your last treatment - Yay!!!


Positive thoughts and prayers flying your way!

Take care xx

Debby L

Good, good thoughts are heading your way. My prayers are with you as you go through this proceedure. I'll be here with you to celebrate the end of treatment. The journey has been tough and scary. But you are here and not where you started!

Katie Lanouette

Congrats on your last treatment. I hope you beat this monster. That is what I call my brain tumor. So far I am lucky that it has not grown and I have not had to chemo or radiation. But I have some awful symptoms. I think you are very brave and strong for fighting this and I will keep you in my thoughts. Continue to be strong!!!!

Katie Lanouette


Praying for you, Melissa and thinking good, positive thoughts!! Hugs!!!


Thinking of you Melissa, and praying for your good health!

Deborah Malbone

May God keep you in His care and much love and well wishes for all the best with your fight. You have been strong and faithful, courageous and beautiful. As you have gone through this trial you have shown all of us in the scrapbooking world what a classy lady you truly are. My prayer is that God keeps His hands on those who are caring for you.

Take care,

Deborah Malbone
Fiskateer #2644

Christine Campbell

My step mother had breast cancer 5 years ago and is in remission. We were scared with her, and celebrated the end of chemo and radiation with her as well. We planted a red maple tree, her favourite, when she started chemo and it's flourishing today just as she is.
You are a brave and strong woman and you will beat this!!


Good thoughts and prayers coming your way Melissa. You are an inspiration to so many for a multitude of reasons. Thank you for sharing your life journey with us.


You will be in my prayers!!!! Be positive and trust the Lord!!!! Blessings!!!!

Debbie N.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Debbie N.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Debbie N.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Positive thoughts coming your way.


Linda A.

Thinking of you today, Melissa. I'm working with your "Thankful" line for a Product Feature this week at the site I DT for. I'll be saying a prayer for you as I craft.

kim harter

good luck and god bless!!!you are in my prayers. kh

Sheila R

My prayers are with you and your family.


{{{Hugs}}} coming your way from UT!

Dawn Drury

Please accept my good thoughts and prayers for you, Melissa.

Dawn, WV

mariah # 2457mariah

That is such shocking news, My MOM removed a breast last summer du to breast cancer, it was very sad, she can't take treatments , because she has sugar and high blood pressure, so I'm rejoicing with you ,If your treatments will help, and praying that your Biopsy will be OK,, Mariah # 2457

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