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June 25, 2008



wow!!! Thats amazing news!! CONGRATS!


that is GREAT NEWS !!!
Congrats for winning your battle Melissa !


What a beautiful thing, God bless you!

Maria Therese

Congrats sooooooooo much!!!!


fabulous, wonderful news!!!!

Gabriela Duclos

That is the best thing I read today!!!! Woooohooo!!!!

Congratulations Melissa!!!


Congrats Melissa! :)

Christie Ortman

Congratulations Melissa! I couldn't be happier for you!!


HUGE congrats Melissa!!!!

Susan M.

Congratulations and a Big Fat HUG!!!

lori jolley

That is sooooo wonderful! I'm so happy! hugs and smiles today!

Melissa Bove

YAY!! Congratulations Melissa! God Bless!
Hugs, Melissa

Sabrina S

Hooray! So happy to hear that! That is just wonderful.

My aunt was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and they are trying to determine the best course of action for her. She's been telling her Dr's about a lump she's had for a few years, and they've told her not to worry, but now she is getting more. We are praying for her, and it helps to hear your success story. Thanks again for sharing.

Amy Ragland

Yeah! That is so great!


fantastic news melissa - so pleased for you xx

Katherine McKamey

Ooh Such Wonderful News!!! Prayers answered!


Oh great news...so relieved for you!! take care from your canadian neighbour bettyann


WWOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! Thank God!!! Have a party, girl!!!


Woo hoo, Melissa! Now go forth and spread the word that survival is not only possible, it's beautiful. Take care of yourselves, ladies!


That is wonderful news, Melissa! Praise God! So happy for you and your family! Big hugs!! :-D


Congratulations! What fantastic news!!! :)


Wow Melissa! I am truly happy for you! What great news to receive! Please enjoy the summer and have a great time!!!

Big hugs from Kristine, Norway;)


Yay!! Reading this news has made my day! Have been thinking of you and sending my support as we all waited for the results....so very happy to hear the news!

Kathy W

Congratulations, Melissa! Incredible news; I'm so happy for you and your family.


YAHOOOOOOOOO!!! Just goes to show what a woman can do when she puts her mind to it! You are awesome and an amazing inspiration!

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