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June 11, 2008


Charlotte A.

One of my favorite lines from a movie is from Humphrey Bogart's To Have and Have Not.

"You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, mabye just whistle. You know how to whistle don't you Steve? You just put your lips together...and blow.

It's just as classic to me as the one in Gone With the Wind.

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Ok.. I have a chat with my son to share. My son is sitting on the toilet (we have some of our best chats there...) He's 6 years old. He says: "Mommy? Who has longer legs... me or you?" "Well honey", I said... "Mommy's legs are longer."

"Are you sure?" he says back... "Cuz mine go all the way to the floor!"

I just found that hysterical.

Feel well today! Big hugs and prayers. and CONGRATS.

 Christine Jensen

I have 1 daughter and 4 sons (the oldest is only 8) so I am often laughing as somethign or other that they do or say. Lately we have noticed that when a "romantic" scene comes on a TV show or movie (just as a note, I mean kissing...he isn't watching anything more) we will look over at our 6 year old son and he will be covering his eyes. The cute thing is, he isn't vocal about it, saying ick or anything, he just queietly covers his eyes, peeking to make sure they are done before he will watch again.

Deb Wisker

Someone sent me "AARP jokes" yesterday. There had to be 20 of them! Here's a good one for ya:
Q. Where can men over the age of 60 find younger, sexy women who are interested in them?
A. Try a bookstore------under fiction.

Have a great day Melissa!


I have no pride, so I will share my most embarrassing moment with you. Last year my husband and I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii along with my parents, two brothers and their wives. Before the big evening show, I decided to use the restroom really quick. When I was done I walked out to meet my family and wandered around in the big waiting area with 1,000 other people. Ten minutes later, my sister-in-law (who was standing 50 feet away) yelled to me, "What is on your back?" And then everyone collapsed in laughter. I reached back to find I still had the toilet seat protector tucked into my pants. Unimaginable! It just goes to show how little attention our husbands pay to us. How did he not notice sooner? I guess I'm just grateful I have a great story to tell. Hope you're feeling well today, Melissa.

Amber Cederberg

This always makes me laugh or at least smile. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Rw_3ky-uo Your a wonderful inspiration to me!!

Susan M.

Here is a standing joke that my kids started when they were young (now 28, 25 and 18) and we still laugh everytime someone says it -

What is brown and sticky?

A Stick!!!!!

LOL - ok, I just laughed again!


Thought I would share a funny story...My 4 year old son says to my hubby the other day, "Dad, I think that I want to learn about brains!" I broke in and asked, "Where did that come from?" He says, "I don't know about brains and I just want to, that's all." Well there you go, good enough reason I should say!!

Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayer. You look great! :)

~ alli ~

Along the lines of "kids say the darndest things," my 7 year old nephew recently said this about his camp counselor:
"She must be imported. She has a HUGE accent." Imported sounds so much more exotic than immigrated, doesn't it? :)

Have a great day!


This is one of my favorite stories between my mom and my son. It always makes me smile and hope it does the same for you.
One day while on the way home from school, my mom was whisteling a tune and my son(he was 5) said please stop whisteling, grammy. And she said I like to whistle , Ross, It makes me happy and my daddy taught me how to whistle (my Gramp whistled ALL the time)when I was a little girl. After a break for a thought, my son responded, well, he didn't teach you very well!!! BWAHAHA! Children are so honest!!! Have a blessed day!!!


My 4 yo son started talking at 3 only, and he still doesn't pronounce things very well. The other day he told me he wanted to read the "kedonk" book. I couldn't figure out what he wanted so I asked him to go get the book in question. He came back and said "Here! The kedonk book!" with an exasperated sigh. It was a book about a donkey!!! I'm still laughing!

Be well, stay strong!


DD#1 loves her sister like crazy but also is very mean to her. Shocking I know! Probably has never happened in history before them!

Both girls were present and their grandfather was telling DD#2 (1 year) that she was not behaving and he will give her a little spanking if she doesn't shape up (yeah right, that would help!). And DD#1 thought he was talking about spanking her, she goes "Don't hit me, don't hit me." Grandfather said, "No, I was talking to your sister about spanking her." Naomi replied: "Oh, well then, let me go get you a stick (rod)."


Here's a conversation I had two months ago with my 3 years old boy...
"Mom, can you put some make up on ?
- Not now...
- Do you make up your eyelashes ?
- Yes
- And your eyelids ?
- Yes. But I don't put make up on my lips.
- Why ?
- Because my mouth's too thin...
- So... you just have to go to the big mouthes store and buy one !"

this made me laugh like crazy !!! lol

hugs from France


Amy Ragland

My daughter (5) likes to pray before dinner and for the longest time, we couldn't get her to stop saying "help nurse and straighten our bodies" instead of nourish and strengthen our bodies. :)

diana b

You're looking alot better today. Did you hear the one about, opps, can't use that one on here, how about the one about the salesman and, oh no, can't use that either. Ok, how about you just get all better and laugh at all our attempts to make you smile. Sitting here in Indiana sunshine wishing you better day by day. dlb


This is a quote from Winnie the Pooh and it seems to fit me & my children's world
“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"”

Gloria L.

Everything my cat does is silly, just watching her antics keeps me in stitches! She follows shadows, pounces on balls, and hides in plastic and paper bags! Just close your eyes and imagine her peeking out from inside a brown paper bag!
Gloria L.


Joke yesterday from my eight yr. old son.

"Why does Tigger stink so much?
Because he always plays with Pooh!

Boys! Anything involving a bodily function is really funny! :0)


Girl your looking fine!!! I never knew you were adopted? My husband and I are unable to have kids at this time and we abopted our cute little boy almost a year ago...crazy! Its the best thing that ever happend to us! I love adoption and am so grateful for it! Isnt it crazy the things you find out about people from blogging?! Bloggin is the best!! You are already starting to look amazing, i hope your recover time is fast!!


I asked my son (age 6) to give me a joke..

"What fruit is yellow and blue"


An unhappy banana.... lol.


Yesterday was my birthday so one of my best friends called to wish me happy birthday... I asked how her almost 3 year old daughter was and she told me the funniest story:
Kristin's husband takes their daughter, Sarah, to daycare in the morning. Kristin picks her up on Monday and asks Sarah why she is wearing her pj top. This is how the interaction went:
Sarah: "well Mommy I cried."
Kristin: "you cried?"
Sarah: "yes, I cry for Daddy and he lets me do what I want. That doesn't work for you!"

Kristin is of course chuckling the whole way home and brings it up when they get home in front of Aaron. Sarah preceded to tell him the same thing. Needless to say he felt like a sucker! Very funny. Unfortunately she doesn't understand that she just shot herself in the foot!

Good luck this week. I hope your final treatments are a success and the biopsy comes back positive for your life.


I know you must be really glad to be at the end of the this road. So good to see that you are smiling. Something I cannot ever forget, and I hope you get a chuckle from too, is when my little boy, who will be 15 in two months, was 2 years old and climbing the steps to our apartment was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. His response was a tennis ball. Not quite sure where that came from but the simple fact that a tennis ball is typically a vibrant yellow, bounces very high and is hit by a racket and is something he could relate to and aspired to be at the ripe old age of 2 amazes me. Maybe it was just a vision he had of how he knew how to relate to life now he totally picked the best thing - he has a very vibrant and fun personality, he is incredibly positive despite the setbacks he has had to deal with (i.e. when his father terminated his rights just so he didn't have to pay child support) and he just gets right back up and continues to move forward. Nothing gets this kid down and I can honestly say that I am incredibly proud of him and feel so blessed that he was chosen to be my son as well as I feel blessed that his sister was chosen to be my daughter. My current husband has taken over where their father failed them but their lives are so much better for it so maybe being a tennis ball wasn't such a bad choice after all!!


One of my favorite places on the internet is www.storypeople.com. Brian Andreas is a genius with words. One of my favorite poems from him is: "Are you a princess? I said & she said I'm much more than a princess, but you don't have a name for it yet here on earth." It totally reminds me of my 6 year old daughter. :)


DD#2 was helping me make lunch today by tenderizing the pork chops. DS came into the room and said,"are we having steak?" DD#1 says, "what, are those fake?" and DD#3 says,"what, are we having cake?" I was laughing so hard, I couldn't believe they all heard something different! Stay strong!


Hello! I have a funny little story that shows just how smart little children are!
One day while driving home, my 4 year old son and I were discussing his upcoming preschool performance/BBQ. He wanted to know how much longer until the big day, how long we would stay ect. While I was telling him it's in three days, ect he stopped me and said, "are we going to stay there for one second?" I replied,"oh no honey, a second is very short." "No," he said,"not one of your seconds mommy. One of daddy's seconds. You know like when I ask him to do something and he says one second and then it takes a really long time." I just started howling! So funny and oh so true! Have a great day! I will be praying for you! I pray God fills you overflowing with continual joy! Bless you,

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