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June 10, 2008


Jennifer Jensen

You are a strong amazing woman! I could learn a lot from you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers everyday!!

I am most thankful for my amazing husband who works so hard every day so I can stay home and raise the second thing I am most thankful for....my three amazing kids!!


I am so thankful for my health and the health of my family - I am thankful that I am so blessed in ways that I could never imagine. From my amazing husband to my brilliant, loving 2 year old to the growing active little boy inside my belly! You are such a strong and inspiring person - I pray for your full and rapid recovery!

Patter Cross

Oh your story is so full of hope, encouragment, and strength to so many people! May the Lord continue to hold you in His precious hand, give you His amazing peace, and help you to continue to inspire so many, many people!

I am thankful for my precious family! Having identical triplets that are 13 with MANY health issues, each week brings different struggles but they are such a huge blessing and have taught me SO much!

Hugs and prayers to you!


I'm thankful for my husband and my children. I'm thankful for our home.
I'm thankful for our extented families.

Best wishes to Melissa. So sorry to hear of your battle w/ cancer. Kick cancers BUTT!!!

Chris C.

I am thankful for good health, a supportive family, and a roof over my head. So many people have lost so much lately in my area from tornadoes and rain storms.

Anna, Sweden

I'm thankful for my health, my wonderful loving husband and the rest of my family, especially my brand new nephew Hugo, our two doggies, having the bestest friends, and I try to remind myself this every single day.
I will keep you in my thoughts - stay strong!

Theresa Tyree

Prayers being offered up for you, Melissa, for a speedy recovery.

I am most thankful for the hope and love I've found through my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him, I couldn't even function.


Pam Sparks

So much to be thankful for! Family, Friends, acquaintances, BLOGS, etc! lol Words sometimes escape me and I wonder if I can say anything anyone would want to read! Guess that's why I don't have a blog! That's why rub ons are so nice! thanks for the wonderful give away!


I am thankful for my little guy even when he's up all night- He is my little miracle and I couldn't imagine my life without him- Best wished on your speedy recovery Melissa- your positive attitude is an example to us all.


Today I am grateful that my best friend continues to be in remission from breast cancer, and I pray the bumps and lumps in her road never return.

I am also grateful for a home on a hill and that we were spared from the weekend of storms, tornadoes and flooding. A little bit of time without electricity makes me truly grateful for all the blessings we have in this country that are taken for granted.

I am also grateful for people like you, Melissa, that give hope and inspiration to others going through similar trials. May your flame of spirit continue to burn brightly!

Charlotte A.

I am thankful soooo much for where I live and for all that God has blessed me with. I think I sometimes forget to really thank Him each day but, I really am thankful.

Jackie Gallagher

Melissa, you are such an inspiration...and such a fighter!! It is so amazing to see you smiling in that photo!! You are beautiful girl...inside and out!!

My am very thankful for my husband!! He keeps me going each and everyday!! He is my rock! And if it wasn't for his love for me, I know I wouldn't be here today!! I LOVE YOU GREG!!


May God continue to heal you. I am grateful for my family and friends. I am grateful for my health.

Angela Broncho

I am thankful for each day with my husband and boys and just to see everybody happy makes me happy. I wish you the best.

rachel carlson

i am thankful that the sun rises each day reminding me to forge on and that the sun will also rise tomorrow.....

rachel carlson

HUGE healing hugs to you for a speedy recovery too!


Your such a stong willed woman...I hope and pray that you recover soon. I am thankful for modern medicine and the technologies that we are blessed with in the medical feild. 2 years ago we lost my father in law to bladder cancer, but because of modern medicine he was able to endure so many hard times.What a great blessing that truly is. Stay strong....your an inspiration.


...oh and...I am most thankful for my family as well! I had to throw that in too. What would we do without family?

Julie O.

I'm blessed to hear that Melissa has such a wonderful attitude through this. What a beautiful smile! Such a great reminder to us all to be thankful and grateful.

Melissa, I'm truly praying for a positive report and complete healing and recovery for you. You have given so much to the scrapbooking community and for that I am grateful. Thank you for being true to yourself and so real to us. Your absolutely gorgeous product is a pure reflection of who you are.

Elise DeMille

You are an inspiration to us all! My prayers are sent your way. I wish you all the luck in your recovery. Hugs.

Bridget =)

I'm so glad you are recovering nicely!

I am thankful for my family, flaws and all!


That's so great that the surgery went well! And Melissa, you are looking in good spirits! I am thankful that I have a family that I get to spend lots of time with. I'm thankful for being surrounded by love.


I am thankful that I am able to work from home and I get to spend summer vacation with my two kids. When they are getting on my nerves I always try to remember how lucky I am that I get to be home with them everday and do fun things like go to the pool.

You will be in my prayers!

Sara M

I am so thankful for all of my children - especially our newest little one that took a very long journey to get to us.

Melissa Wollmann #2756

Your in my thots and prayers. And Your an inspiration to us who know you fight and struggle to hang on and still remain strong. Wishing you Gods love and comfort and hope in your darkest days

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