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June 10, 2008



I am thankful that my wonderful Mum is still here with us after being diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer 13 years ago- she was given a life expectancy of 5 years. She didn't think she would ever see any grandchildren- she now has four beautiful, healthy, wonderful grandchildren!!! Forever thankful!

Harriet Herrington

I am thankful for life. Each and every day, I whisper thank you as I open my eyes and journey into another day. Meslissa, take comfort in knowing people are supporting you with thoughts and prayers each day. The energy generated by all these people surrounds you and I hope brings comfort and strength.


I am thankful to live in America and enjoy the freedoms I have and for each day I get to live on this earth with my family.

V Reed

Melissa you are so amazing!!!

I am most thankful for my two beautiful children. We fought infertility for 12 years before managing to be blessed with the first and now, two years later, we have our second. Our family is complete. I am so blessed and thankful for them and my amazing husband who stuck with me!


renee lamb

You are such an inspiration to us all Melissa. There is so much to be grateful for: family, friends, The Lord, LIFE. And I just want to say that I am so grateful that I am still able to hug my aunt after her successfull win with BC 4 yrs ago. We are currently battling BC with her daughter now and I pray she can find the strength that you have to pull her through. Thank you for sharing your story with the World for all us women who have personally dealt with or know someone with this can draw from your amazing strength. I pray for positive outcomes with your results - Renee

Cari Locken

I'm thankful that I put my trust & faith in God in any situation or circumstance because I know He has everything in control!
Love seeing your smile Melissa! ;)

Vida Price

Hi Melissa,
First and foremost, I want to say you're truly amazing and you are blessed to have such a wonderful support system! I hope and pray that your treatment was a success!!!

I am thankful for a great deal of things, but most importantly, I am thankful for my (real, which includes all my military friends) family. Without them and all my experiences I would not be who I am today. I am also thankful that my brother Radcliffe is still here with us after his bout with Ameloblastoma (it is a rare type of cancer w/in the bone). Our family almost lost him last year, but all the doctors were able to remove all the infected areas and he is doing well. Another note of thanks is the return of my cousin Christie who just returned from a year deployment in Afghanistan! She arrived home safe and sound! There are more things I am very thankful for, but those are the two that deserve a "most thankful" moment!

I wish you the best in your journey to recovery and as John Wooden said, "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

All my best and prayers,

Cindy C. T.

I am grateful for a wonderful, loving family. My dad is currently in remission and is right now, at this time, in the hospital with acute congestive heart failure. He has open heart surgery planned for this Friday. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May God bless.

Melissa Reeder

These are the things I am grateful for today:

I am grateful for the good morning kiss on my cheek from my little girls.

I am grateful for experiencing color and feeling it's effects in my being.

I am grateful for the warm summer sun shining down on my face.

I am grateful to have been loved by my Mother.

I am grateful for the space of safety to cry.

I am grateful for friends who never give up on me.

Thank you for this! I was having a bad day until you encouraged me to remember what I am grateful for and how lucky I really am.
God Bless You!

Connie Fisher

I am thankful for "my everyday life"--those people in it who have made such a difference--the ones who were only here a short time and those who are still here helping to make a difference every day. I am thankful for the challenges I face for they make me a stronger person and help me appreciate the simple things in life.

I am thankful you are still smiling!! You are amazing.


My mum too is adopted and has been in remission from breast cancer for the last 2 years...she too called it good chemo and bad chemo. My mum looked after and nursed my dad for 8 years before he lost the battle with bowel cancer...he was a warrior and never ever gave up When my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer she knew all too well what she was in for but she stayed positive and strong and I admire her so much as i do YOU. You are such an inspiration to me...like you wouldn't believe..thank you Melissa from the bottom of my heart. :) keep on smiling, Bonnie

Marilyn A.

I am thankful for my best friend Rod, who also happens to be my husband...for our 4 beautiful and truly good daughters...for their supportive husbands and adorable children. I thankful that my parents are still living and that they are and ever will be great examples of how to live life to the fullest even in your 80's. I am thankful for my siblings who support our family in our ups and downs. I am who I am because of all of these terrific people in my life.


I am so glad that you are making it through your chemo with flying colors..WOW! You are a true inspiration....I am thankful for my husband, children and my mother...Krista


I don't want to be entered for the draw thanks but I did want to comment and say that you, Melissa are not only brave, we all find that we can be that when we have to dig deep to survive but you are truely blessed in your family and friends. Just reading this blog is uplifting and inspiring for me and many others so to you it must be just so special!! Don't let th smile dim and a huge congratulations to you for finishing your treatments and for all the love that surrounds you! I will keep you in my prayers.

Scrapping Servant

you have more comments here for this post than a giveaway on the Prima website! I just think that's awesome!

PS. I am thankful for Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. :o)


I am thankful that although my mom was dx,d just this past week we are in a world with the technology and doctors that will let her beat this beast and live out her years as planned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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