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June 13, 2008



You Made It!!! Congrats! You are an inspiration to so many in so many ways!
Now - Take care of yourself!



Congratulations Melissa !! Keep Smiling Keep those Pink thoughts...take care Bettyann

Laura Stewart

Congratulations on your inspiring battle. I wish you all the thoughts and prayers.

kim harter

congrats!!! what a special day for you today have fun kh


Congratulations Melissa, what a truly wonderful day!!

 Christine Jensen

Congratulations Melissa! Here's to a cancer free future! Hugs and best Wishes!


Way to kick the Cancer's ass!!! You are a strong woman and showed us all that you need to fight every day. Well keep on fighting, and know that you have the love and support of all your friends, family, and the blogging community.

Wonderful cards!!!!


Congratulations Melissa! I lost a friend 10 years ago to breast cancer - she had battled for about 10 years - if only she'd had cancer now, I'm sure she'd be a survivor, treatment has improved sooo much. Now it seems I only know breast cancer survivors, and you're one, too!


CONGRATS! What a day of rest, a day of looking at life in a newness. Hope your day is filled with love, laughter and happiness. God Bless.

Nicole K

You are in our thoughts at all times. Congratulations, Melissa. Your journey has been an inspiration to us all.
Thank you for sharing it with us, and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Bobbi in KY

Congratulations Melissa!!! I've had several family members deal with breast cancer and other cancers also, so I've seen what they've had to go through-you're an inspiration!! So glad its over for you!! Keep up the good work and I'm in awe of your stamina!!

Bobbi in KY

Angela A.

I read a quote yesterday that makes me think of you. It goes, "she was caught out on a limb, the limb broke, and then she learned she could fly." Unfortunately, I didn't get the authors name. This quote has stuck with me and can be applied to life in many ways. I admire you and all you've been through and have realized that no matter what limb life has left you out on, as difficult as it may be, God gives you the wings to fly and move to safer ground. Congratulations on your flight Melissa!

diana b

It's been a long journey of fear, hope, & many other emotions. Congratulations on reaching the end. Now you hop onto a differnt road filled new adventures. May they all be only of wonder and wonderful experiences.

Claudia F.

Congratulations Melissa, you have shown all of us your amazing strength and faith through all of your ordeal, you are a strong woman. God Bless You.


A huge congratulations on making it through your treatments! My grandmother was a breast cancer survivor, so I know first-hand how much you have gone through. Celebrate this day!!!


Congratulations, Melissa! God bless you.

Rachel Killpack

What an incredible inspiration you are! Congratulations on beating cancer! You are so loved!
~Rachel K.


Woo hoo- congratulations Melissa!! I have my own great news today- My Dad was released from hospital after being there since march 6th. So thankful!!!


Celebrate life! Celebrate health! Congrats!

Susan Beth Breuner

Congratulations! Huge accomplishment! A Very Big Deal! I can't even imagine your joy at being where you are! Enjoy it! Life is so full of ups and downs that when you are on the mountain top you just gotta stop and look up and be thankful for the experience!


Congratulations, Melissa!!
A Talent in the creative world and an inspiration in life!! You are amazing!!


Congratulations Melissa! You are such an amazing inspiration, and I greatly admire your strength and courage.


Congratulations Melissa. You are an inspiration to us all. *hugs* to you.


Congratulations Melissa and warm wishes!


Congratulations Melissa!

And all the cards and creations are just gorgeous!

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