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June 13, 2008


Charlotte A.

I am so glad your done!!!! You are an amazing example to everyone who knows you. The cards today are just beautiful!! I got a lot of inspiration :) You are soooooo strong and keep up the good work!!

Rachel Tanner

Wow is all I can say,you are such an inspirational woman! I am so humbled reading this blog and seeing the pictures,

Julie O.

Congratulations Melissa! You are a true fighter and a huge inspiration to us all, in so many more ways than one.

Keep showin' off those gorgeous teeth!

Julia Carter

Congrats on being cancer-free, I cannot imagine what it has been like for you, but I am so happy for you to be done withit! I love your brand and I look forward to seeing your products for many, many, many, many more years to come, so you hang in there, stay positive, strong and healthy. God Bless You and Congrats!


Sonda T

Congratulations, Melissa! You are such a fabulous woman! Keep going strong!

Amanda N.

Best wishes to you and your family for a happy, HEALTHY future. It seems as though you are surrounded by an amazing team that is on your side every step of the way! :)


you must be very happy...:-)congratulations from Italy..:-)God bless you


Congradulations Melissa for a Hard Fight Well Fought! Your story is inspiring and I celebrate your determination.


Congratulations Melissa!! Thank you for the last comment about your adoption. It truly shows just how much more inspiring you are to others! We are ALL so proud of you!! You look amazing. God bless on your journey through your next 50 years!! :)


Congratulations! God Bless!

Cheryl ~ Fiskateer #002

Congratulations Melissa . . . life can bring curves but I'm grateful that you are here and healing. I know that you will be able to use this experience in the future to comfort others. Know that you remain in my thoughts and prayers.


Congratulations and many blessings and happiness to you Melissa! And the gorgeous creations are just beyond amazing! Where do you ladies find the time and inspiration!!! Just great! And Melissa, although my Mom passed away from ovarian cancer in April she was diagnosed 8 years before that at Stage IV and they gave her about a 15% chance of making it a few years! But she kept her sense of humor, her fighting spirit, kept busy living life and made it way beyond what any doctor ever expected! So I'm so happy to hear your are beating this thing!! You go girl!!

Maria Therese

Congrats so much!!!!!!! You lucky girl who got all thes beautifull cards!! Hope you enjoy yourself much!!! And hope your doing better!!


Congratulations...You've passed this test with flying colors and taught us all how to do this life better


Congratulations Melissa!! Remember my favorite quote... to the world you may only be one person but to one person you may be the world... you are an inspiration to all. god bless.

Leonie - Australia

I hope it is the last time you ever have to have chemo & you can enjoy good health from now on.
all the best for your future.


You have wonderful, wonderful friends from the looks of it and I'm very happy for you as you conquer this life hurdle!



Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. What lovely products, and beautiful friends you have to encourage you.

Vida Price

Hi Melissa,
I just wanted to stop by and say that you will get through this battle! Thank you for your inspiration! I did have a question, I have been asked by several of my friends about getting my handwriting put into a font, can you guide me in the right direction? Thanks!

Get some rest and God Bless you on this journey!

Hugs, Vida ;)

Debbie Olson

Melissa, congratulations on having come so far, and may you be blessed with complete healing. You are an incredible inspiration!


My heartfelt congratulations to you! Beautiful creations for a beautiful person. Hugs!!

Ellen Prinsen

I Thank God for the help he has given you and celebrate this new beginning. Congrat's Melissa I am so happy for you.

These creations are so so wonderful, treasure them !!

Angie C.

Congratulations Melissa! Your strength of character and will to (not just live but) thrive shine through all that you do.

Melissa Miller

Congrats!! I can't even imagine what you have gone through. Love all the cards. Love the flower arrangement.

betty lou

Congratulations, Melissa! So happy for you! Keep smiling!!

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