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April 23, 2008


Terri Conrad

Hi Melissa,

I have been wanting to send a note your way for quite some time - having just received your newsletter, I popped on over to finally do so.

As one artist and business woman to another, thank you for the beautiful work you produce, and now with your Thankful line, work with meaning and value that has a positive impact that is far reaching. Well deserved success.

Blessings always,

Terri Conrad
Terri Conrad Designs
(licensor to Webster's Pages)

Kim Hupke

Your Thankful line is absolutely fabulous and I'm not surprised that you have to re-order!!! Thank you for sharing your experience and your art with the world, you will never know how many lives you've touched and inspired.

Tracy C

Congratulations Melissa! Thank you for sharing your personal story- I am so inspired by your creativity, courage and kindness! Your newsletter and new Blog are fantastic!!!


Thank you! You are an inspiration in every way! :)


First congratulations on the Thankful line, as Kim said above, I'm not surprised.
I applaud your leadership roll in our industry and in your fight against this disease that touches us all. I delight in the success of your new releases.
And for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Melissa in person, she is truly, in all senses of the word, as Beautiful as her designs.

Terri Welch

hey girl, i bought some of the BC stickers to embellish my BC scrapbook. You may want to put an apostrophe on the sticker that has the word "Lets" on it. "Let's" is short for "let us", and the apostrophe takes the place of the "u".

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