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April 21, 2008


kim harter

very cute I'll have to get my sewing machine back out kh


That's awesome! GREAT idea!

Beatriz Jennings



SAWEEEET! This is so adorable Sherelle.


I still have not sewn and everytime I see something looking that cute I cannot figure out why! ;0) love it

Jenny L.

This is so cute!

Tracy C

What a lovely card, and a great idea!


I've never seen Melissa Frances tags like that? Where could I get some? :)


so pretty, love the tags, cute design and the stitching is terrific!

Renee Dowling

Hoe gorgeous is this card, luv the little tags!!


I have my fingers crossed hoping to be the winner!!

The boxes are Beautiful !! But, that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. You always make GREAT things.

I love the colors...my favorite (pink and green). Those are the colors I am having for my Baby Shower. =)

Well I hope I win and if not, Congratulations to whoever does!!

Keep up the good work you are an inspiration to us all.

Roseann thomas

I really love all the vintage looking creations you make. But I am having a difficult time finding your items online or even in the stores in the USA. thanks for listening to my problem.... love you!!


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