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February 09, 2008



Beautiful layouts. Gorgeous kit.
Looking forward to seeing more, I'll be back. :)


YOUPEEEEEEEE I am so excited to see your bloggin' now! I am anxious to see your new 2008 products and glad to hear Melissa you are doing well! What an inspiration you are!!!
I have added your blog link to my blog and hope others take a minute to read your story!
{{ hugs }}

Diane Gill

WOW, What an inspiration to all of us, Melissa!! Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your new lines are fabulous and the colors are incredible.

Laura Gilhuly

You re an inpsiration to all women who are fighting a battle of their own.

Your products are beautiful!! I Can't wait to see them in my lss!

I have added your a link on my blog!


You are an inspiration to all! I love the new paper line!! The stamps look awesome and I have subscribed to your blog. Can't wait to see more!!

V Reed

Wow! What a totally amazing paper line! I love it. Those clear stamps really rock! I love the animals, the baby stuff and the sentiments. Perfect for all those baby thank you cards I need to make! :)



What great news for you and your family! I understand your joy and appreciation for each day. This past December my husband was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. He had surgery and is cancer free! We also have a new appreciation for each new day.

Your new lines are beautiful and I can't wait to get them! That such beauty can be created while going through what you went through is awe inspiring. Thank you for continuing to create products that will showcase our precious memories so beautifully. Prayers and best wishes are being sent your way.

Terry Oler

I love the new thankful line...soft and sweet and calming....Hope 2008 is happy and healthy for you!


Your story is inspiring and your new products are beautiful!!

Lori Cej

Wow! A few things:

1) I am glad that you are doing well w/ your cancer--and pray for continued recovery--bless you!

2) love your blog!

3) LOVE your new pp shown and the stamps!

4) Thank you for the inspiration--both with your cancer story--and your products! Love them!

Lori--Buffalo, NY

Katie D.

I'm a huge fan of Melissa Frances papers! The clear stamps look wonderful - can't wait to use them!

Chris Peden

This will be a wonderful blog! Melissa is such an inspiration to all. Great products in the new line!

Jen S

Best wishes for continued good health and happiness. :)
Thanks for the sneak peak, as the paper line is gorgeous. The stamps are amazing too!!


Ann Mabee

I love your new products. Glad you're healthy, too! What a blessing.


Love the new Thankful line and the new stamps. So glad that you now have a blog, awesome.

Angela Broncho

I love all of your new products. Great Colors.

teri-lynn masters

Wow beautiful stuff!! I cant wait to get my hands on some of these designs!
Very inspirational story, thank you for sharing it with us! We so often need the reminder to appreciate all we have been given!


Your story is such an inspiration! Gorgeous new products. Love those new stamps!


What an inspiration! And that new line is beautiful! I pray for your continued recovery.


Love your work.. and your layouts.. thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway!.. I've always so loved your products, your style, and most of all.. the inner beauty that you possess.
hugs from MN,

Angie R

Thank you for sharing your story! Prayers for your continued good health. I can see how your experiences come through with designing this beautiful line of scrap stuff!

Janet B

Beautiful! Just plain beautiful


Wow! So excited to see this blog.. MF is one of my favorite lines.. I love the softness of the new Thankful line.. Looking forward to reading all the news hear..


Wow! So excited to see this blog.. MF is one of my favorite lines.. I love the softness of the new Thankful line.. Looking forward to reading all the news hear..


you are such an inspiring woman and mother! I LOVE your product and can only find it at one store close to me and believe me it IS worth the 20 mile drive to go and drool all over it. ok I wait till I purchase it to drool. snort!
thank you for ALL you do!
kansmom aka Tina

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